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Seiko Metronome

In Chi Running, your cadence always remains the same while your stride length changes relative to your speed. To become an efficient runner, one must learn to relax at one's optimal cadence while allowing the stride to lengthen or shorten as necessary. 

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Chi Walking uses the metronome to distinguish the three basic walking paces (strolling, aerobic and fitness). Each of the three different paces serves a very specific purpose in the Chi Walking fitness program, so it is important to have a way of knowing what your cadence is and how to keep it steady. 

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It has adjustable volume and includes a flashing light that indicates tempo. Clips onto your waistband or shirt collar to help you train at a steady cadence. Great for runners, walkers and cyclists too! 

Product Description

"...I find the metronome to be the one thing that has helped me the most to progress in my running..." - S.K. Sherman, Pennsylvania

Taking the optimal number of strides each minute during your runs or walks is the key to less fatigue, faster pace, and fewer injuries. Keeping a quick, consistent cadence with the metronome allows all the elements of the Chi techniques to fall into place, helping you move in a smooth, unified way. Become the most efficient runner or walker on the block with the metronome.

This tiny tool produces huge results:

  • Reduce stress on leg joints and muscles
  • Get faster with less effort
  • Improve efficiency while reducing fatigue
  • Enjoy incredible "aha" moments as your technique transforms
  • Clips onto clothing; size: 2 1/4"L x 2"D x 1"W
  • Includes volume control, clock, memory function, and lithium battery




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Hemp! I can't say enough about the amazing results I have had since adding hemp products to my diet. Industrial hemp is the real deal. Hemp protein has become such an integral part of my training regime I don't know what I would do without it. If you want to get in a one of the greatest sources of pure plant based nutrition, including protein, omega-3 and chlorophyll then you simply have to learn about the amazing qualities of hemp.

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